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Calling All Coaches

All applicants will be required to attend a pre-certification course, pass a CBI background check, and complete an approved Concussion Course.  

All information can be found on our Volunteer page.

Please note, there is no guarantee that you will receive a head coaching position until all background information and team availability is confirmed.

The Stallions are the premier youth football organization servicing Aurora, and the surrounding area, east of Havana and North of Hampden.  The Stallions compete against other youth organizations in the Arapahoe Youth League (AYL).  The member clubs of the AYL are; Spartans, Stallions, Hawks, Bruins, Dolphins, Warriors, Eagles and Thunder.  The Stallions offer tackle football for kids ages of 6 (1st grade) through age 13/14 (8th grade).  Our goal is to teach the fundamentals and promote all aspects of sportsmanship.  If you are looking to have your child learn the fundamentals of football and have fun you are in the right place!  

Click here to view our territory map.


Important 2017 Dates



Saturday - July 15

Registration Increases from $225 to $275 - Need 13 registerd by this time for a team
TBD Dick's Sporting Goods Shop Day & Uniform Fitting (time specific to your coach)
Monday - July 22 Preseason practices can start (CHSAA rules apply - 3/2/1)
Tuesday - August 1 Rosters Due
Saturday - August 11

WEIGH-INS –Location and time TBD

- No late weigh-in - if not @ 12th, will miss a game

- Will receive actual field permits

Saturday - August 19 AYL SCHEDULE LIVE ON SITE
Saturday - August 26 REGULAR SEASON GAMES
Thursday - August 31 MAKE UP WEIGH-IN  $40 cash per athlete
November 10-12 SUPER BOWL


Weigh-in Information

Each player must attend the MANDATORY WEIGH IN on Saturday August 12, 2017.
  • The time and location are yet to be determined.  The exact time for each teams weigh ins will be provided to each Head Coach.
  • Any player that registered prior to Saturday August 12, and is not able to attend the MANDATORY WEIGH IN will have to attend the Make Up Weigh In on August 31 and pay a $40 (CASH) late weigh in fee. The time and location are yet to be determined. 


It is highly recommended that every player undergo and pass a physical exam before participating in tackle Football.  Parents make sure your child has passed a routine physical exam before signing them up.


The Stallions, in conjunction with the Arapahoe Youth League, offer three different divisions in which kids can compete depending on your child's skill level and football experience.  If you have any concerns regarding where your child should play please contact the Football Director.


This division is considered our beginners division and is recommended for players who have very little or no tackle football experience.  This division is a good building tool for kids to learn the fundamentals of the game.  CFC teams will only be offered if there is enough first or second year players to complete a roster.  

  • The minimum play requirements for this division are 24 plays per game.
  • 8th grade teams have a minimum play rule of 10 plays per game.


The AFC division is considered our intermediate division.  Players, teams and coaches with one or more season of tackle football experience are encouraged to sign up for this division.  AFC Coaches do not control their rosters.  We allow returning players to return to the same team each season.

  • The minimum play requirements for this division are 20 plays per game.
  • 8th grade teams have a minimum play rule of 8 plays per game.


The NFC is considered our competitive division where the more committed and competitive players play.  NFC Coaches control their rosters.  We currently only have a 5th Grade NFC team for the 2016 season. NFC tryouts are at Highline Park on April 9 and April 23, 2016. Please email   for more information.

  • The minimum play requirements for this division are 16 plays per game.
  • 8th grade teams have a minimum play rule of 6 plays per game.



The Stallions, along with the AYL will not allow kids under the age of 6 (1st grade) to play organized tackle football.  We recommend 4 and 5 yr. olds start out by playing flag football.  Any kid who turns 6 before the first week of the regular season will be considered for possible placement.

We will be looking into flag football leagues for athletes in our area – if you are interested, please send an email to the football director or and we will get you on our distribution for that information


Players enrolled in high school are not eligible to play in the AYL, i.e.: All 14 year olds must be in the 8th grade to play in the AYL. (REV. 10/98)


8th grade athletes be prepared to give coaches copies of your school ID for verification

2015 Weight Eligibility for Various Divisions

Grade / Age

Play Down Weight

Backfield Weight

Single Patch

1st / 6




2nd / 7




3rd / 8




4th / 9




5th / 10




6th / 11




7th / 12




8th / 13/14 CFC




8th / 13 - 14 AFC / NFC NA  NA  NA

(Rev. 02/2015) All weight in pounds

No 14 year old player allowed to play down on 12 year old team.  (Rev 11/97)

All Patch players must be on the line of scrimmage and can only advance the ball on a forward pass.  A player is patched and must wear a patch on the upper part of the shoulder at all times.

Play Down Weight: 

This weight is the maximum weight a child can weigh in order to play down one age division.  For instance a 11 year old that weighs 80 pounds can play down with the 10 year old age group because of his "limited" size. Parents must request in order to have their child play down.

For additional questions please contact:

Phone: 720-625-0353



Stallion Team Photo Available for Purchase from